Moving Beyond the 4 Walls of a Gym!

Theo’s Ripped & Sexy Bootcamp ®(R.S.B.C.) is a back to the basics approach to training, breaking traditional fitness ideas, moving beyond the 4 walls of a gym or studio! Theo believes to be successful at transforming your body, you don’t need fancy expensive equipment. Just use your own body as weight and the natural outdoors as you gym or playground. Theo calls this style of fitness training, Organic Exercise tm.

Flowing with the energy of your natural surrounding environment and the motivation of the group to challenge you to go beyond your limits, regardless of your current fitness level. Whether you have goals of sculpting & toning, losing weight, increase your endurance, strength or even flexibility, Theo encourages you to step out of your limitations and experience a challenge that will transform your mind as well as your body!

Class sizes are small to give special attention to each client and tailor the workouts to meet each individuals fitness levels and capabilities. At the same time you will enjoy the benefits of the camaraderie within the team.

R.S.B.C ® incorporates strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, core, multi-planar, experiential training into one very effective, efficient, progressive program. In this unique outdoor training program you will be pushed to do body weight exercises like push-ups, abs, squats, lunges, pull-ups, etc mixed with high intensity intervals (HIIT) of cardio like: running, sprinting, climbing, jumping etc. Other training methods will include: plyo-metrics, isometrics, agility, endurance and Tabatas Training.

Additionally, Theo pushes clients mentally & spiritually out of their comfort zones by randomly challenging clients with mental or spiritual homework that leaves you touched, moved and inspired by your own transformation. Assignments may include: meditation, yoga, stretching, affirmations, vision-boarding, charity, etc designed to stimulate you in to a co-creative state resulting in long term lifestyle change that will transform not only your body but your entire life.

Each day will get more and more challenging, and your progress will be monitored and recorded during the BodyBasics6 classes offered every month.
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Don't listen to me, read wat real bootcampers have to say!

"Joining Theo's "Ripped and Sexy Bootcamp" is one of the very best decisions I've ever made. It has really transformed my life. I have more confidence and energy and I look and feel better! One aspect I truly appreciate is that Theo leads us in challenging sessions and no two sessions are the same! It's never boring and he's so motivational! I've participated in numerous bootcamps with Theo and the clients that he attracts are very much like him, supportive and positive and everyone makes you feel comfortable no matter what your fitness level! I also love the fact that bootcamp does not end when the session ends. Theo is very motivational and keeps in contact with you between sessions and with his very informative web-based newsletter! Theo's bootcamp is not only about physical fitness but it's also about fitness of the mind and spirit!"
- Kelly Depcik

"My name is Patricia. I'm from Morristown and I'm an editor of books and articles, so my job is very sedentary. Three short years ago, I was overweight and out of shape, and my rheumatoid arthritis required significant medication. I'd belonged to a conventional gym, and tried working out on my own, along with dieting. I would always make some progress, then slide back into old habits. Even my ballroom dancing hobby didn't take off as much weight as I'd have liked.Then, two years ago, I found boot camp and Theo Tilton. All of a sudden, exercise was fun and challenging and I found myself able to do things I couldn't do before, EVER! My endurance was incredible, my figure amazing, and, best of all, I was able to stop the RA meds, hopefully forever. It's made all the difference in my social and dance life, as I'm more confident, healthier and happier. The cameraderie of the boot camp kids is unique; we find ourselves cheering each other on when we each think we're at the end of our strength, and find we can do what we thought we couldn't! Nothing else works for me like boot camp, as I found when I was forced to take six months off. Now I'm back, and it's better than ever. YAY boot camp!!!" 
- Patricia Koyce

The R.S.B.C Season is between April - Sept Classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

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